Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My Letter To God

Dear Father,
I've failed thee. I've let one of thy precious souls dro through the crack. I was the rustling that caused the sheep to flee. Because of me, one of your children must wait a long seasone before obtaining salvation
How easily this race falls into offence. How foolish are we all. A prick on the heel is a welcome test to life,, but a prick to the heart could mean death to thousands. Chemicals block the mind and cause it to swirl words to dtupidity. Bickering and chaos are always soon to follow. What pain it causes my soul. Tears are damned by my stubborn pride. Why can't I just pain building in my gut. Such hostility towards a person, but yet at the same time such pitty. Pitty for the foolosh who don't want to listen to the truths they've known before.
Forgive me oh Lord, for my foolishness at offending one of the keepers of thy sheep. Forgive my lack of forsight, and lack of listening. And most of all, forgive my lack of dilligence. If I was persistant, this might not have happened. Don't blame them Father, blame me, thy servant that caused them to flee.
I love thee oh God, and I am striving to become good in thy sight. Please help me with this problem, this obastacle in time

-Elder Dane Hixson-

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


So my birthday was on monday, and may I say it was awesome. I woke up and went to fuddruckers for breakfast (thats right, fuddruckers for breakfast). Then I figured out how to use my new audio/midi interface so I can now record my guitar into my computer. Then I went to tomes house and he showed me how to use my new mixing program. Then me him and nancy went to California Pizza Kitchen. But I'd have to say the best part would have to be the breif instances I got to spend with the girl I care for. They may have been short, but they were what made the day the best birthday ever.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

I am a bottle, someone break me.

Why do I hide my feelings like they are going to make everyone hate me. Why do I keep them bottled up inside. It's like a one-sided investment, I put the feelings in and they stay and gain interest, but they stay there and never get put to use.
I can't even show the person I care about most how I really care. I am so careful not to make her uncomfortable, that I overlook the opportunities that I could show her my feelings. In a way I guess this post is for her, so she can see my true feelings.
I care about her more than anyone would know, she is the only thing besides the gospel that truely makes me happy, and gives me hope. Whenever I'm with her I can't help but smile to myself at the luck I had at meeting such an angel on earth. one glance into her eyes will give me the butterflies of a fast-moving rollercoaster. whenever she holds my hand, or gives me a hug, I never want to let go, I want time to stop so I can cherish the moment. She makes me feel like I can do anything, and wether we are looking at her old pictures, or just sitting while she is making phone calls, I am the happiest boy, because of the fact that I am with the girl I care for.
To her I write this, so she may know that even though I might not show it, I deeply care for her, and am going to make an effort of letting her see it.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Lagoon Blows

I was all excited to go to lagoon for our senior trip this year, and had made plans to ride every ride. But when I got there I realized that every ride sucks. There is not a single ride that is in the very least entertaining. I was going to try the bat, but then I realized my granny could walk faster than that rollercoaster. I went on the Collosus to try and throw some excitement into the experience, and realized that it is so boring compared to what it used to feel like. But I did have a good day, (got a text from a special someone).

so if you are debating on going to lagoon for your senior trip next year...DON'T.

that is all

Sweet Beauty

I recently added yet another guitar to my collection, making that a total of five guitars. It is beautiful, mohogahny sides and back. white spruce top with rosewood bridge and fret board. It has pearl inlay for the markers and accent peices. (that was my weak attempt at imagery). "I SPEAK ENGLISH GOOD" I finally have an amazing guitar that makes me sound somewhat good. It makes me so happy, second only to a girl who likes a jew. Who makes me smile whenever I see her. And could cause world peace with her laugh because she would make everybody so happy. um... ya I'm gonna go because it's late and I have to get up in like five hours for the last period of school ever!!!!!! woot!!!!



So I have fallen for a girl who is amazing in every way. She is beautiful, smart and has one of the strongest testimonies I have ever seen. Not to mention eyes that could keep me captivated for days. But you see, there is one problem. She says that she has fallen head over heels for a jew. Wich I thought was weird being the bishop's daugheter and all. But maybe someday I will be able to rise above the jew in the ranking. Who knows, I didn't even know there were that many jews in utah anyways.